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Creating the finished

In the Assembly and Despatch area is where we build the products after powder coating. The spec sheet will be checked and the finished product will be created, quality controlled and then despatched!

Each customer order is studied to ensure we build to the correct specification and thorough quality checks are done along the way.

It’s all in the detail

Our busy assembly area is where we will put the finishing touches to the various fabricated and painted products we have just produced. The despatch team will add additional items such as felt covered pin board inserts, polycarbonate windows or magnetic panels as per the customers spec. Any mechanical parts such as hinges or pneumatic arms are added by skilled technicians before the product is quality checked.

Each product we sell is built and assembled by our experienced staff, allowing us to have full control over all the processes. We often deal with high volume quantities and we will ensure that all products going through assembly will be made to the same high standard.

Once the product is assembled it is then packaged as required before being marked for despatch and sent to the customer.

It is important for us to ensure our goods arrive in perfect condition, so we will liaise with the customer to ensure we are using the best transportation method possible.

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Contact Us

For more details or for a tour of our facilities then please call us on 01484 460909.

To grow our business and to grow it profitably, that means us expanding into new markets and expanding our product range, while focusing on efficiency and profitability.

Future Growth Statement

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