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NEW Range of Paint Colours & Finishes

At Horizon we believe the product design shouldn’t be compromised so we are delighted to launch a fantastic range of new colours and finishes that haven’t been available before. So you can now choose the perfect colour and finish for your next bespoke fabrication project.

Whether it’s a specific shade to keep your signage on-brand or you want to add a little glitter into your next project. We can paint our fabricated poster case and signs in the all new selection of Chrome and metallic finishes giving a stunning mirrored effect.

Any case or product that we manufacture can be painted in an array of colours in no time at all, so you don’t need to worry about dramatically increased lead times. We ensure you get the product finish you want, on time!

Whatever your requirements, we offer bespoke solutions for any project.


  • Smooth weather-proof finish
  • Broad range of colours
  • Chrome mirror effect now available
  • Fast turnaround

We initially explored adding this new offering to Horizon as we had a request from a customer who manufactures furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms that were looking for a bespoke fabrication solution for a new project.

They required some colour options presenting to them for the legs of a piece of furniture they were producing, white, black, grey and Chrome. This then led to a long-standing customer of ours seeing and wanting this for their next project.

We are seeing an increased demand for this new offering due to the quality finish, range of colours and the ability to add this to projects without a great increase in lead time.

It will be exciting to see future projects come to life.