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Bus Stop Poles, Sleeves & Flags

Horizon provides a selection of posts and poles which are long lasting and adaptable. Several of these items have been designed to retro-fit existing base units to ensure cost effectiveness and versatility.

The bus stop pole can be:

  • 76mm dia Stainless Steel – any length
  • 76mm dia Powder Coated Aluminium – any length
  • 76mm dia Galvanised – any length

We also have our own design and extrusion Poles as follows:

  • Shield Smooth Anodised Aluminium + Infill Strip – 4 mtrs
  • Shield Ribbed Anodised Aluminium + Infill Strip – 3.75 mtrs
  • Shield Ribbed Mill Finish Aluminium and Painted + Infill Strip – 3.75 mtrs
  • Retro Fit 76mm I/D Plastic Ribbed Sleeves – 3 mtrs

The anti-graffiti “Plastic Ribbed Sleeve” and “Shield Pole” can be used to freshenup or rebrand existing bus stop poles. They can either be stand alone posts or they also fit perfectly over a 60mm square spigot or an existing 76mm diameter pole. This can save time and money by not needing the ground works digging out and a post re-fitting.

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“We've installed over 100 shelters to date and plan on many more to come. Horizon are a great company to work collaboratively with as they listen and understand the requirements, whilst adding their own extensive expertise and design capabilities."

Paul Harrison

Owner, Fernbank Advertising

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